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DTMS™ Deflection and Twist Measurement System
The patented DTMS is a laser tool that provides deflection and twist data between two locations or at multiple points along large structures. The DTMS measures five degrees of freedom, and the data is reported relative to one end of the structure, not relative to a fixed ground. This makes the DTMS ideal for measuring deformation of structures in motion. The system is fast enough to record and display dynamic mode shapes.
The DTMS can be used on structures as diverse as boat hulls, offshore rigs, wind turbine blades, vehicle frames, airplane wings, large machines, tall buildings, and assembly lines. The system can be mounted inside hollow spaces and can measure deflection in structures that bend so much that you canít see one end from the other.
If you have a have a one-time project for which DTMS is appropriate, contact us to discuss how we can provide DTMS rental and measurement services to you.
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