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Boxboro Systems specializes in test and measurement products for applications where traditional methods are inadequate. Our RibEye™ electro-optical products are used in automotive crash test dummies to measure deformation of the entire ribcage in two and three dimensions at very high speed without compromising biofidelity. Our DTMS™ products measure three-dimensional deflection and twist in large structures.
Second Generation WorldSID 50th RibEye is now available
The Second Generation WorldSID RibEye has the following improvements:
  • 100 times faster downloads
  • 3 minutes of data collection to circular or linear buffers
  • Writes to flash memory and dynamic memory concurrently
  • New shoulder pads with internal structures to prevent the pads from falling into the shoulder rib and blocking signals
  • Component masses adjusted to meet thorax weight and center-of-gravity specifications
  • Emergency battery pack including fuel gauge to display charge level and voltage
See the new WorldSID RibEye Hardware Manual here
RibEye 8.0 Software has been released
The RibEye 8.0 software now supports Windows 11 and will work with all RibEye models.
See the RibEye 8.0 Software User Manual here
See the 8.0 software Release Notes here
Download the zipped installer here.

Photo of the WorldSID 50th Male ATD with RibEye (top left) by Fred Levy
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